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General Pipe Cleaners Drain-Rooter PH

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General Pipe Cleaners Drain-Rooter PH



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Equipped with a variable speed power cable feed and variable speed motor, the Drain-Rooter PH makes drain cleaning jobs cleaner and easier.

The Drain-Rooter PH feeds and retrieves the cable at up to 16 feet per minute. A four-foot guide hose eliminates cable whipping, dirty fixtures and messy floors. And the drum speed can be varied by changing the pressure on the foot pedal, making it easier to thread the boring head through strainers or crossbars.The Drain-Rooter PH is a real labor-saver on long jobs or when working in a cramped area where the weight of the machine could get burdensome.

PlumbZilla has a full line of General Pipe Cleaner's drain-rooter PH with a 4-7 day lead time once ordered. We have the following part numbers:

PH-DR-A (50 ft. x 5/16" cable)

PH-DR-B (50 ft. x 5/16" cable and HECS cutter set)

PH-DR-C (35 ft. x 3/8" cable and HECS cutter set)

PH-DR-D (50 ft. x 1/4" cable)

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