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3323192   Sloan 3323192 V-551-A Vacuum Breaker
3325500   Sloan 3325500 EBV500A Exposed Sensor Urinal/Water Closet Retrofit Flushometer
3375000   Sloan 3375000 MCR-231-D SW Kit (D Hole) 180"
3375011   Sloan 3375011 MCR-139A Solenoid for Sensor Shower Valve
3375012   Sloan 3375012 MCR-140A Push Button Assembly
3375016   Sloan 3375016 MCR-208-A Retrofit Valve
3375038   Sloan 3375038 MCR-273-3.5-MOD Valve Body
3982628   Sloan 3982628 Regal 186-0.5-XL Flush Valve for Urinals 0.5 GPF
5301031   Sloan 5301031 A-151-A Guide Assembly 1.6 GPF Closet
5301058   Sloan 5301058 A-19-AC Commode Relief Valve in White Plastic (PACK OF 12)
5301059   Sloan 5301059 A-19-AU Urinal Relief Valve
800797   Sloan 5301111 A-15-A Molded Disc (PACK OF 12)
5301155   Sloan 5301155 A-155-A Guide Assembly 1.0 GPF Urinal
5301170   Sloan 5301170 A-56-A Flush Valve Diaphragm Old Style (PACK OF 12)
5301176   Sloan 5301176 A-56-AA Closet/Urinal Repair Kit Washer Set Old Style
5301188   Sloan 5301188 A-156-A New Style Diaphragm (PACK OF 12)
5301189   Sloan 5301189 A-156-AA Closet/Urinal Repair Kit Washer Set
5301236   Sloan 5301236 A-163-A Guide Assembly 4.5 GPF Closet and 1.5 GPF Urinals
5302279   Sloan 5302279 B-32-A Hand Assembly
5302305   Sloan 5302305 B-50-A Regal Handle Repair Kit
5323007   Sloan 5323007 V-500-AA 1-1/2"x9" Vacuum Breaker Flush Tube
5323010   Sloan 5323010 V-500-A 1-1/2" x 3" Vacuum Breaker Flush Tube
0318119   Sloan HY-108-A 0318119 Penal Ware Metal Push Button Assembly
3318011   Sloan HY-1101-A 3318011 HYDRAULIC ROYAL REPAIR KIT/ 1.6GPF
0318031   Sloan HY-32-A 0318031 Actuator Cartridge Assembly
3362119   Sloan SF-2350 3362119 Battery-Powered Deck-Mounted Mid Integrated Base Body Faucet
800080   Small Assorted O-Ring Kit w/ 12 Sizes and 200 Pieces
201200   Soft Jaw Slip Joint Pliers 10-1/2"
200750   Solder and Flux 50/50 1 Roll
029819-002   Solenoid Valve Assembly Left-Hand Bracket 029819-002
C87-100   Spanner Flange
03-0352   Speakman 03-0352 Hot Shower Valve Stem 2-7/32"
04-0270   Speakman 04-0270 Cross Handle 1-1/4" Tall (Handle Only)
803030   Speakman Cold Left Hand Lavatory Stem 1-5/8"
804610   Speakman Diverter Handle 1-11/16" Tall 1-7/8" Base
804580   Speakman Diverter Stem 4-3/16"
G03-0122   Speakman G03-0122 Right Hand Hot/Cold Stem 4-13/16"
G03-0180   Speakman G03-0180 Left Hand Cold Service Sink Faucet Stem 1-5/8"
G03-0181   Speakman G03-0181 Right Hand Hot Service Sink Faucet Stem 1-5/8"
G04-0244   Speakman G04-0244 Single Lever Shower Handle Assembly 4-1/8" Long
G05-0199   Speakman G05-0199 Right Hand Hot/Cold Stem 2-11/16"
G05-0407   Speakman G05-0407 Right Hand Hot/Cold Stem 4-1/16"
G05-0408   Speakman G05-0408 Tub Diverter Stem Unit 4-5/16"
G05-0418   Speakman G05-0418 Right Hand Hot Stem Group 4-7/8"
G05-0419   Speakman G05-0419 Left Hand Cold Stem Group 4-7/8"
G05-0532   Speakman G05-0532 Service Sink Hot Stem Cartridge 2-5/16"
G05-0533   Speakman G05-0533 Cold Service Sink Cartridge
G05-0534   Speakman G05-0534 Hot Service Sink Cartridge Stem 3-1/4"
G05-0535   Speakman G05-0535 Cold Service Sink Cartridge 3-1/4"
G05-0603   Speakman G05-0603 Right Hand Hot Stem 2"
G05-0687   Speakman G05-0687 Cold Ceramic Cartridge 2"
804981   Speakman Pair of Handles w/ PVC Inserts 1-1/4" Tall
804605   Speakman Pair of Hot/Cold Tub Handles
805092   Speakman Pair of Lever Canopy Type Handles
803035   Speakman Right Hand Hot Lavatory Stem 1-5/8"
804565   Speakman Right Hand Hot/Cold Stem 4"
807125   Speakman Right Hand Hot/Cold Stem 5-1/4"
RPG05-0605   Speakman RPG05-0605 Hot Ceramic Cartridge 3-9/16"
RPG05-0606   Speakman RPG05-0606 Cold Ceramic Cartridge 3-9/16"
SP-0072   Speakman SP-0072 Color Temp Shower Cartridge
404420   Spud Gasket 1"x3/4"
C27-302   Spud Gasket 1-1/2"
8179   Spud Gasket 1-1/4"
C-27-309   Spud Gasket 1-1/4"x3/4"
C27-303   Spud Gasket 2"
409100   Spud Gasket 2" x 1-1/2"
402000   Spud Gasket 2" x 1-1/4"
200215   Spud Wrench
201125   Spud Wrench
100268   Stainless Steel Round Washer to be Used w/ Bolt Caps
400091   Stainless Strainer Assembly Grid Type
800021   Stem Packing Assortment
M20-7E   Stem Unit M20-7E
200145   Stepped Faucet Seat Tool
U094   Straight Adapter 1"x1" FNPT U094
U140   Straight Adapter 1"x1" MNPT U140
U072   Straight Adapter 1/2"x1/2" FNPT U072
U120   Straight Adapter 1/2"x1/2" MNPT U120
U088   Straight Adapter 3/4"x3/4" FNPT U088
U134   Straight Adapter 3/4"x3/4" MNPT U134
U070   Straight Adapter 3/8"x1/2" FNPT U070
U118   Straight Adapter 3/8"x1/2" MNPT U118
U020   Straight Coupling 1" U020
U008   Straight Coupling 1/2" U008
U016   Straight Coupling 3/4" U016
U006   Straight Coupling 3/8" U006
400726   Straight Tailpiece Flanged at One End 1-1/2"x12" 17 GA
400751   Straight Tailpiece Flanged at One End 1-1/2"x6" 17 GA
401396   Straight Tailpiece Flanged at One End 1-1/2"x8" 17 GA
401395   Straight Tailpiece Flanged at One End 1-1/4"x12" 17 GA
402190   Straight Tailpiece Flanged at One End 2"X6" 17 GA
402655   Straight Tailpiece Flanged at One End 2"x8" 17 GA
SS2009   Sure Seal SS2009 2" Floor Drain Trap Sealer
SS3000   Sure Seal SS3000 3" Floor Drain Trap Sealer
SS3509   Sure Seal SS3509 3-1/2" Floor Drain Trap Sealer
SS4009   Sure Seal SS4009 4" Floor Drain Trap Sealer
7-1000NW   Symmons 7-1000NW TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve Replacement Cartridge (LEAD FREE)
7-102NW   Symmons 7-102NW TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve Replacement Cartridge (LEAD FREE)
7-200NW   Symmons 7-200NW TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve Replacement Cartridge (LEAD FREE)
7-400NW   Symmons 7-400NW TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve Replacement Cartridge (LEAD FREE)
7-500NW   Symmons 7-500NW TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve Replacement Cartridge (LEAD FREE)
7-700NW   Symmons 7-700NW TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve Replacement Cartridge (LEAD FREE)
7-900NW   Symmons 7-900NW TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve Replacement Cartridge (LEAD FREE)
801265   Symmons C-5 Spindle
801256   Symmons Diverter Volume Handle 2-15/16"
KN-4   Symmons KN-4 Replacement Cartridge
LD-16   Symmons LD-16 Handicapped Handle
LD-7R   Symmons LD-7R Shower Spindle
LL-1A   Symmons LL-1A Faucet Control Cartridge
LLD-20   Symmons LLD-20 Complete Stem Unit
803006   Symmons LT-1A Valve Cartridge DISCONTINUED NLA
NS-1   Symmons NS-1 Shower Cartridge
PS-1   Symmons PS-1 Shower Cartridge
S-20-1-IPS   Symmons S-20-1-IPS Single Lever Lavatory Faucet with Lift Rod less Pop-Up
S-245-5   Symmons S-245-5 4" Lavatory Faucet with Gooseneck Spout
S-71   Symmons S-71 Single Hole Metering Faucet
T-65   Symmons T-65 Shower Valve Handle Assembly 1-1/4" Tall 1-13/16" Base
801260   Symmons T-Trol Lavatory Handle 2" Tall
801252   Symmons T-Trol Shower Handle
801253   Symmons TA-10 Spindle
TT-11-400   Symmons TT-11-400 Gasket
TT-11-900   Symmons TT-11-900 Gasket
TT-15-400   Symmons TT-15-400 O-Ring Kit
TT-15-900   Symmons TT-15-900 O-Ring Kit
BF-0512   T&S BF-0512 "Big-Flo" Concealed Mixing Faucet
000729-40   T&S 000729-40 Chrome Plated Brass Hose Inlet Nut
794-25   T&S 000794-25 Right Hand Hot/Cold Spindle 2-13/16"
000811-25   T&S 000811-25 Spindle, Hot (Right-to-Close) for Eterna Cartridge
000812-25   T&S 000812-25 Spindle, Cold (Left-to-Close) for Eterna Cartridge
000895-45   T&S 000895-45 Bonnet Spring
001000-45   T&S 001000-45 Rosette Washer 1-3/4"
001017-45   T&S 001017-45 15/16" OD X 11/16" ID X 1/8" Washer
001040-45   T&S 001040-45 15/16" Spray Valve Bonnet Rubber Washer
002709-40   T&S 002709-40 Spindle Assembly, Cold (Left-To-Close), B-1100 Series
002710-40   T&S 002710-40 Spindle Assembly, Hot (Right-To-Close), B-1100 Series
002711-40   T&S 002711-40 Cold Spring Check Stem w/ Handle
002712-40   T&S 002712-40 Hot Spring Check Stem w/ Handle
800915B   T&S 002713-40 Generic Cold Stem and Handle Assembly
002713-40   T&S 002713-40 OEM Cold Stem and Handle Assembly
800910B   T&S 002714-40 Generic Hot Stem and Handle Assembly
002714-40   T&S 002714-40 OEM Hot Stem and Handle Assembly
002856-40   T&S 002856-40 Pre-Rinse Spray Valve Bonnet Assembly 2-1/4"
002859-40   T&S 002859-40 Gray Spray Head 1.15 GPM
002983-40   T&S 002983-40 H/C Replacement Piston for Knee Valve
005959-40   T&S 005959-40 Cold Stem Unit w/ Bonnet Packing 2-7/8"
005960-40   T&S 005960-40 Hot Stem Unit w/ Bonnet Packing 2-7/8"
005R   T&S 005R Chrome Riser
006477-40   T&S 006477-40 Eterna Cold Stem Assembly (Left-To-Close) 2-7/8"
006478-40   T&S 006478-40 Eterna Hot Stem Assembly (Right-To-Close) 2-7/8"
011276-45   T&S 011276-45 Hot Cerama Cartridge (Right-To-Close) No Bonnet
011277-45   T&S 011277-45 Cold Cerama Cartridge (Left-To-Close) No Bonnet
011278-25   T&S 011278-25 Hot Cerama Cartridge w/ Bonnet
011279-25   T&S 011279-25 Cold Cerama Cartridge w/ Bonnet
011355-45   T&S 011355-45 Sink Drain Overflow Elbow
011356-45   T&S 011356-45 Overflow Head Assembly
011456-45   T&S 011456-45 Blue Spray Face
011616-25   T&S 011616-25 Hot Cerama Cartridge w/ Escutcheon
011617-25   T&S 011617-25 Cerama Cold Cartridge w/ Escutcheon
012394-25   T&S 012394-25 Hot Cerama Cartridge w/ Integral Spring Checks
012395-25   T&S 012395-25 Cold Cerama Cartridge w/ Integral Spring Checks
012640-45   T&S 012640-45 Overflow Cap w/ Sealing Washer
013788-45   T&S 013788-45 Equip Cold Ceramic Cartridge
400059   T&S 013963-40 1/2"x18" Chrome Plated Riser Nipple
014734-45   T&S 014734-45 Security Spanner Bit for Handles
014944-45   T&S 014944-45 Hose Kit 3/8" I.D. x 15' (Blue)
053A   T&S 053A 3/8" NPT Male X 3/4-14UN Male Adapter
059A   T&S 059A Garden Hose Adapter Female X 3/4-14UN Male
059X   T&S 059X 6" Swing Spout
067X   T&S 067X 15" Swivel Nozzle Swing Spout
119X   T&S 119X Rigid Spout
131X   T&S 131X Swivel Spout
888-45   T&S 888-45 Spring
B-0020-H   T&S B-0020-H Flexible S.S. 20" Hose w/ Gray Handle
B-0036-H   T&S B-0036-H Pre-Rinse Hose
B-0044-H   T&S B-0044-H Pre-Rinse Hose
B-0068-H   T&S B-0068-H Pre-Rinse Hose
B-0107   T&S B-0107 Pre-Rinse Head
B-0113   T&S B-0113 Pre-Rinse Unit
B-0123   T&S B-0123 Deck Mounted Pre-Rinse Unit
B-0131   T&S B-0131 Wall Mount Pre-Rinse Unit w/ Overhead Swivel Gooseneck
B-0132   T&S B-0132 Wall Mount Pre-Rinse Unit w/ Overhead Swivel and Gooseneck
B-0133   T&S B-0133 Wall Mount Pre-Rinse w/ 18" Riser and 44" Hose
B-0134   T&S B-0134 Wall Mount Pre-Rinse Unit w/ Roto-Flex Design
B-0155   T&S B-0155 Add On Faucet
B-0199-02   T&S B-0199-02 3/8" Male Thread Aerator 2.2 GPM
B-0200-LN   T&S B-0200-LN Base Faucet
B-0201   T&S B-0201 Double Pantry Faucet, Single Hole Base
B-0230   T&S B-0230 Commercial Faucet
B-0230-LN   T&S B-0230-LN 8" Centers Wall Mount Faucet w/out Nozzle
B-0231   T&S B-0231 Wall Mount Faucet w/ 12" Spout
B-0232   T&S B-0232 Wall Mount Double Pantry Faucet 8" Centers
B-0260   T&S B-0260 Single Sink Faucet with Double Swing Nozzle
B-0300-LN   T&S B-0300-LN Faucet

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