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407010   Braided PVC Lavatory Supply Line 3/8" COMP x 3/8" OD Copper x 12"
501540   Brass Water Saving Shower Head
BCT001P   BrassCraft BCT001P Universal Flapper
100347   Briggs Flapper w/ Float
030774-015   Bubbler Assembly w/ Flexible Mouthguard 030774-015
500798   Bungee Shower Hose 58" Extends to 80"
10-5020   Calci-Solve Case (4 Gallons)
Oct-20   Calci-Solve Case (4 Gallons)
800840   Cap Thread and Top Bibb Gasket Assortment
400897   Carrier Nut Extension Kit
0211   Central Brass 0211 Leg Tub Fitting
211   Central Brass 0211 Leg Tub Fitting
0355-AVP   Central Brass 0355-AVP Slow Close Basin Faucet Plain Button 2.2 GPM Aerator
1045-S   Central Brass 1045-S Hot Handle 2-7/16"
808012   Central Brass 2" Cold Washerless Cartridge
808174   Central Brass 2" Hot Washerless Cartridge
800345   Central Brass 5" Hot/Cold Stem
6266   Central Brass 6266 Shower Valve Assembly on 6" Centers
80971-Z   Central Brass 80971-Z 11" Center Tub and Shower Valve
C1178A   Central Brass C1178A 45 Slant Back Faucet - 4" to 6" Adjustable Centers
800355   Central Brass Diverter Stem 5-7/8"
800700   Central Brass Diverter Tub Handle 2-3/8"
800365   Central Brass Diverter Tub Stem 5-7/8"
G-1043   Central Brass G-1043 Plain Handle 2-7/16"
G-1045-SC   Central Brass G-1045-SC Cold Handle 2-7/16"
G-453-EL   Central Brass G-453-EL Hot Stem Unit
G-453-ER   Central Brass G-453-ER Cold Stem Unit
800159   Central Brass Generic 1-1/2" Cold Stem
800158   Central Brass Generic 1-1/2" Hot Stem
800340   Central Brass Generic 1-1/4" Cold Lav Stem
800333   Central Brass Generic 5-1/4" Hot/Cold Stem
800335   Central Brass Generic Hot Lav Stem 1-1/4"
K-2-CT   Central Brass K-2-CT 5-1/4" Hot/Cold Stem
K-3-DT   Central Brass K-3-DT 5" Diverter Stem
800688   Central Brass Pair of Faucet Handles 1-1/4"
800705   Central Brass Pair of Faucet Handles 1-3/4"
805040   Central Brass Pair of Tub Handles 1-3/16" Tall 1-11/16" Base
800690   Central Brass Pair of Tub Handles 2-3/8"
800360   Central Brass Right Hand Tub Stem
RBK3934   Central Brass Shower/Tub Rebuild Kit
802-V665ABCP   Chicago 802-V665ABCP Metering Faucet
204   Chicago Faucet 204 Pair of Lab Faucet Handles w/ Screws and Indexes
274-XTLHJKNF   Chicago Faucet 274-XTLHJKNF Slow Compression Hot Stem Long Style
335-007   Chicago Faucet 335-007 Hot Push Button Handle
335-107   Chicago Faucet 335-107 Cold Push Button
369-COLD   Chicago Faucet 369 3" Cold Lavatory Wrist Blade
369-HOT   Chicago Faucet 369 3" Hot Lavatory Blade Handle
802248   Chicago Faucet Pair of 4" Wrist Blade Handles
1-099XKJKABNF   Chicago Faucets 1-099XKJKABNF Right Hand Short Ceramic Cold Cartridge
1-099XTJKABNF   Chicago Faucets 1-099XTJKABNF Cold Short Stem 2-11/16"
1-100XKJKABNF   Chicago Faucets 1-100XKJKABNF Left Hand Hot Short Ceramic Cartridge
1-100XTJKABNF   Chicago Faucets 1-100XTJKABNF Short Hot Stem 2-11/16"
1105-XLH   Chicago Faucets 1105-XLH Brad Pack Hot Stem Unit 3-7/8"
1105-XRH   Chicago Faucets 1105-XRH Brad Pack Cold Stem Unit 3-7/8"
1277   Chicago Faucets 1277 Rebuild Kit for Quaturn Stems
217-XTLHJKNF   Chicago Faucets 217-XTLHJKNF Slow Compression Hot Stem Short Style
803492   Chicago Faucets 217-XTRHJKNF Slow Compression Cold Stem Short Style
274-XTRHJKNF   Chicago Faucets 274-XTRHJKABNF Slow Compression Style Cold Stem 3-3/8"
377-XKLRHJKNF   Chicago Faucets 377-XKLHJKABNF Right Hand Ceramic Hot Cartridge
377-XKLHJKNF   Chicago Faucets 377-XKRHJKABNF Left Hand Cold Ceramic Cartridge
377-XTLHJKNF   Chicago Faucets 377-XTLHJKABNF Left Hand Hot Stem New Style
377-XTRHJKNF   Chicago Faucets 377-XTRHJKABNF Right Hand Cold Stem New Style
800210   Chicago Faucets Generic Cold Short Stem 2-11/16"
800220   Chicago Faucets Generic Long Cold Stem 3-3/8"
800215   Chicago Faucets Generic Long Hot Stem 3-3/8"
800205   Chicago Faucets Generic Short Hot Stem 2-11/16"
801804   Chicago Faucets Klo-Self Long Stem Unit
400-XL2_5   Chrome Head w/ Delrin Collar Comfort Control and Swivel Base 400-XL2.5
403915   Chrome Plated Supply Tube for Lavatory 3/8" x 12"
500203   Chrome Plated PVC Shower Head w/ Brass Ball Joint
806017   Chrome Plated Supply Tube for Commode 3/8" x 20"
403920   Chrome Plated Supply Tube for Lavatory 3/8" x 20"
402210   Chrome Plated Supply Tube for Lavatory 3/8" x 30"
402585   Chrome Plated Supply Tube for Lavatory 3/8" x 36"
500435   Chrome Plated Zinc Shower Head w/ White 1-3/4" Face and Brass Ball Joint
67393   Chrome w/ White Face and Clear Plastic Adjuster Ring 67393
402008   CLEAR TUBING 1/4" (POLYURETHANE) (150 Feet) **TUBING ONLY**
402006   CLEAR TUBING 1/8" (POLYURETHANE) (100 Feet) **TUBING ONLY**
100259   Closet Bolts (Pair) 1/4"x2-1/4" Break Off Type
40019   Closet Bolts (Pair) 1/4"x2-1/4" w/ Small Oval Head
100262   Closet Bolts (Pair) 1/4"x3-1/2"
420   Closet Bolts (Pair) 5/16"x2-1/2" PVC w/ Hex Cap 420 (50 PR/JAR)
104370   Closet Bolts (Pair) 5/16"x2-1/2" PVC w/ Nut
40026   Closet Bolts (Pair) 5/16"x2-1/4" Break Off Type
100260   Closet Bolts (Pair) 5/16"x2-1/4" w/ Large Oval Head
40030   Closet Bolts (Pair) 5/16"x3-1/2"
407745   Closet Bowl Sponge Rubber Cushion Rings
100355   Closet Flange PVC 3 Bolt Compression
200170   Closet Seat Hinge Nut Wrench
C27-127   Closet Spud 1-1/2" x 1-1/4"
100069   Closet Spud 2" x 1-1/2"
242   Cloth inserted rubber washer for closet bolts
200525   Commercial Sink Drain Wrench for Top Drain Flange
100060a   Commode and Urinal Spud 1-1/2"x1-1/2"
40137   Commode and Urinal Spud 2"x2
400742   Commode Braided Stainless Steel Supply Line 1/2" x 7/8" x 12"
404435   Commode Braided Stainless Steel Supply Line 3/8" x 7/8" x 12"
404437   Commode Braided Stainless Steel Supply Line 3/8" x 7/8" x 9"
406603   Complete 1" PVC Bar Strainer Assembly
KOH_85061   Complete Strainer Assembly
704112   Condensate Line Cleaner Professional Series 4.5oz Can Only
77801-KIT   Condensate Line Cleaner Professional Series 77801-KIT
22486   Contractor Kit 22486
920003   Cowl Nut for Vacuum Breaker Tubes
355157   Crane 355157 Cold Handle 1-7/8" Tall 1-7/8" Base
355158   Crane 355158 Hot Handle 1-7/8" Tall 1-7/8" Base
800240   Crane Cold Dial-Ese Hospital Stem Unit
800230   Crane Cold Dial-Ese Stem Unit
806028   Crane Diverter Stem 5-5/8"
808304   Crane Diverter Stem 5-5/8"
F12857   Crane F12857 4" Wrist Blade
F14536H   Crane F14536H Hot Lavatory Handle
F14537C   Crane F14537C Cold Lavatory Handle
F16810   Crane F16810 Tub Diverter Handle
802001   Crane F17017-19 Hot/Cold Handle 1-9/16" Tall 1-15/16" Base
F17634-36   Crane F17634-36 Hot/Cold Handle
F355151   Crane F355151 Cold Lavatory Handle 1-3/8" Tall 1-3/8" Base
F355152   Crane F355152 Hot Lavatory Handle 1-3/8" Tall 1-3/8" Base
FB9330-C   Crane FB9330-C Cold Tub Stem
FB9330-H   Crane FB9330-H Hot / Cold Tub Handle
FB9401   Crane FB9401 Hot Lavatory Handle 1-7/16" Tall 1-7/16" Base
FB9402   Crane FB9402 Cold Lavatory Handle
FB9806   Crane FB9806 Cold Acrylic Tub Handle w/ C.P. Insert 1-7/8" Tall
FB9807   Crane FB9807 Hot Acrylic Tub Handle w/ C.P. Insert 1-7/8" Tall
800235   Crane Hot Dial-Ese Hospital Stem Unit
800225   Crane Hot Dial-Ese Stem Unit
807708   Crane Hot/Cold Right Hand Tub Stem
801600   Crane Hot/Cold Tub Stem 4-5/8"
807666   Crane Hot/Cold Tub Stem 6-1/8"
801601   Crane Left Hand Cold Stem
801610   Crane Right Hand Hot Lav Stem
806004   Crane Self Closing Knee Valve
407327   CV Cartridge 20-3/4"x3-1/4"
920493   Delany 1-13/16" Operating Stem
368   Delany 368 Operating Stem 3-1/32"
368N   Delany 368N Operating Stem 2-15/16"
44-5A-J   Delany 44-5A-J Repair Kit for Turn-To-Silence Stops
F-180   Delany F-180 Auxiliary Valve w/ Brass Insert and Plastic Sleeve
F141-1.6KC   Delany F141-1.6KC Flushboy Rubber Closet Repair Kit
F141KC   Delany F141KC Flushboy Rubber Closet Repair Kit
F141KU   Delany F141KU Flushboy Rubber Urinal Repair Kit 3.5 GPF
F16   Delany F16 PVC Diaphragm Brushing
F20   Delany F20 Auxiliary Valve
CDF2223   Delany F222-3 Flexer
CDF2232   Delany F223-2 Operating Stem 1-7/8"
F402-3-T42   Delany F402-3-T42 Flush Boy Commode Flush Valve 3.5 GPF
F402-T42-1.6   Delany F402-T42-1.6 Flush Boy Commode Flush Valve 1.6 GPF
F451T42   Delany F451T42 Flush Boy Urinal Flush Valve 1.0 GPF
F452-T42   Delany F452-T42 Flush Boy Urinal Flush Valve 4.0 GPF
F534-3-VO   Delany F534-3-VO Concealed Prison Flush Valve Head 3.5 GPF (VALVE ONLY)
920025   Delany Flushboy Closet Repair Kit
920020   Delany Flushboy Urinal Repair Kit
920040   Delany Vacuum Breaker Insert 427A
060047A   Delta 060047A Right Hand Hot Stem and Seat
060048A   Delta 060048A Left Hand Cold Stem and Seat
060864A   Delta 060864A 4" Wrist Blade Handle w/ Hot/Cold Index and Screw
063005A   Delta 063005A Right Hand Hot Stem and Seat
063006A   Delta 063006A Left Hand Cold Stem and Seat
465CPK   Delta 465CPK Massage Action or Full Spray Hand Held Shower Head
51551-WH   Delta 51551-WH Classic Glide Rail Hand Shower
59425-PK   Delta 59425-PK European Style Hand Held Shower Head
95001B   Delta 95001B Chrome Wall Mounted Pin Bracket
800555   Delta Acrylic Tub Handle 2-7/16" Tall 2-15/16" Wide
804878   Delta Generic Push Button Diverter
806803   Delta Generic Shower Valve Cartridge
401120   Delta Generic Stem Extender Old Style
H-71   Delta H-71 Handle Assembly 2-7/16" Tall 2-15/16" Wide
H28   Delta H28 Pair of Lavatory Handles 1-13/16" Tall 1-3/8" Base
H78   Delta H78 Shower Handle 2" Tall 1-15/16" Base
802312   Delta Lavatory and Shower Handle 1-13/16" Tall 1-5/8" Base
802220   Delta Pair of ADA Approved Wrist Blade Handles
RP1740   Delta RP1740 Cartridge for Two Handle Faucets
RP17451   Delta RP17451 Offset Diamond Broach Handle 2-7/16" Tall 2-15/16" Wide
RP17453   Delta RP17453 Rear Mount Diverter Spout
RP19804   Delta RP19804 Shower Valve Cartridge
RP21874   Delta RP21874 S.L. Handle w/ Temperature Indication Dots
RP23498   Delta RP23498 Pair of Lavatory and Shower Handles 1-15/16" Tall 1-5/8" Base
RP2389   Delta RP2389 Lavatory Handle 2-1/4" Tall 2-5/8" Wide
RP2392   Delta RP2392 Scaldgauard Handle 2-7/16" Tall 2-15/16" Wide
RP32104   Delta RP32104 Shower Valve Cartridge
RP46074   Delta RP46074 Cartridge Assembly for Shower Valve
RP50587   Delta RP50587 Diamond Seal Cartridge for Single Lever Faucets
RP5649   Delta RP5649 Tub Diverter Stem for Showers
601254   Delta RP72773 Slow Close Metering Cartridge 3-9/16"
RP7405   Delta RP7405 Spray Head Unit with Shut Off
804351   Delta S.L. Handle w/ Set Screw 3-1/4"
800580   Delta S.L. Handle w/ Set Screw 4-1/4"
RP1991MBS   Delta Scald Guard Cartridge RP1991MBS
802195   Delta Stem Extender New Style
804103   Delta Tub Diverter Stem 3-1/16"
U4002-WH-PK   Delta U4002-WH-PK Plastic Swivel Connector
U4900-PK   Delta U4900-PK 1/2" Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
490-10500   Deluxe Tank to Bowl Kit Tank Bolts w/ 7/8" Head (Pair) 490-10500
100226   Deluxe Tank to Bowl Kit w/ Gasket and Bolts 100226
141-211   Deluxe White Shower Head w/ Adjustable Pulsating Spray Massage 141-211
008346   Digital Pocket Thermometer
8346   Digital Pocket Thermometer
407903   Dipperwell Bowl Assembly BK-DWBA
U714   Disconnect Clip 1" U714
U710   Disconnect Clip 1/2" U710

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