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100018   Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Plunger, Ribbed
809471   Heavy Duty Handle Puller
200245   Heavy Duty Handle Puller "Big Yank Senior"
204021   Heavy Duty Plunger
500030   Heavy Duty Pulsating Shower Head
201153   Heavy Duty Shower Valve Socket Wrench for Gerber/Sterling
200400   Heavy Duty Shower Valve Socket Wrench for Kohler
200395   Heavy Duty Shower Valve Socket Wrench for Price Pfister
200390   Heavy Duty Shower Valve Socket Wrench for Sayco
307689   Heavy Duty Wide Mouth Service Bag
400725   Hiway Waste Arm Direct Connect Flanged 1-1/2"x15" 17 GA
402060   Hiway Waste Arm Direct Connect Flanged 1-1/2"x20" 17 GA
406643   Hiway Waste Arm Direct Connect Flanged 1-1/2"x24" 17 GA
400021   Hiway Waste Arm Direct Connect Flanged 1-1/2"x7" 20 GA
495_60_PK   Hose for Hand Shower Chrome Plated 60" Single Spiral 495 60 PK
495_DS_69   Hose for Hand Shower Chrome Plated 69" Single Spiral 495 DS 69
494_C_6P_PK   Hose for Hand Shower Economy Vinyl 60" 494 C 60 PK
495_RV_69   Hose for Hand Shower Economy Vinyl 69" 495 RV 69
490_84   Hose for Hand Shower Economy Vinyl 84" 490 84
495-60   Hose for Hand Shower Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 60" 495-60
495-60f   Hose for Hand Shower Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 60" 495-60
100170   Hose for Hand Shower Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 69 495_SS_69
495_SS_69   Hose for Hand Shower Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 69" 495 SS 69
700030q   Hospital Alkali Drain Opener 1 Quart
613732FA   Hospital Alkali Drain Opener Case (12 Quarts) 613732FA
017925   Hot Handle for Dispenser 017925
17925   Hot Handle for Dispenser 017925
SM421H   Hotel and Motel Thief Resistant Shower Head SM421H
U335   HY-Ear Elbow 1/2"x1/2" FNPT U335
431-1000   Hydroguard 431-1000 Rough Brass Mixing Valve
802256   Import Cold Handle 3"
200220   Import Faucet Seat Tool Set
802257   Import Hot Handle 3"
407139   Impregnated Felt Wax Urinal Gasket
26437   Indiana Brass 26437 Pair of Hot/Cold Lavatory Handles
26650   Indiana Brass 26650 Cold Wrist Blade Handle 4"
26651   Indiana Brass 26651 Hot Wrist Blade Handle 4"
910-292   Indiana Brass 910-292 Cold Lavatory Stem 1-7/8"
802511   Indiana Brass Cold Lavatory Stem Kit 1-1/2"
803451   Indiana Brass Cold Tub Stem 3-11/16"
802510   Indiana Brass Hot Lavatory Stem Kit 1-1/2"
803452   Indiana Brass Hot Tub Stem 3-11/16"
802536   Indiana Brass Pair of Handles 15/16" Tall 1-5/8" Base
802630   Indiana Brass Pair of Triple Lever Tub Handles
807719   Indiana Brass Tub Diverter Stem 4-11/16"
200052   Indiana Brass Tub Stem Wrench
201140   Inside Expansion Pipe Wrench
201252   Internal Pipe Wrench Kit
401587   J Bend Brass Tubular 1-1/2" 17 GA
401586   J Bend Brass Tubular 1-1/4" 17 GA
400219   J Bend w/ Captured Nut Brass Tubular
807249   J Bend w/ Captured Nut Brass Tubular
3000FBS2   Jay R Smith 3000FBS2 4-9/16" x 5/16" Flat Round Strainer with Lip
3101B-   Jay R Smith 3101B 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 4-3/8" Deep Strainer with Bar Handle
5610-09RA   Jay R Smith 5610-09RA Hydrant Stem
0100C-P   Jay R. Smith 0100C-P ABS adjust-to-wall coupling 2-1/2" long with knockout test cap
0100N08P   Jay R. Smith 0100N08P Black ABS Nipple 8-1/4" 4-1/2" O.D. 8 Threads Per Inch
206108   Jet Swet Kit for 1/2"-2" Lines 6100
800-103ADD   Jomar 800-103ADD 1/2" Add a Valve
800-104ADD   Jomar 800-104ADD 3/4" Add a Valve
800-105ADD   Jomar 800-105ADD 1" Add a Valve
800-106ADD   Jomar 800-106ADD 1-1/4" Add a Valve
800-107ADD   Jomar 800-107ADD 1-1/2" Add a Valve
800-108ADD   Jomar 800-108ADD 2" Add a Valve
C100412   Josam C100412 Adjustable Extension Black PVC
FS6401WLL   Kingston Brass FS6401WLL Single Lever Polished Chrome Lavatory Faucet
573-0100   Kissler 573-0100 Bibb Retainers Kit 120 Piece
000538   Kitchen Faucet Handle 3-1/8" Tall for Symmons K-3
1001796-CP   Kohler 1001796-CP Lavatory Handle 3-3/4" Tall
20242   Kohler 20242 Right Hand Hot Stem 6"
20364   Kohler 20364 Diverter Pull Handle 1-1/4"
20419C   Kohler 20419C Cold Handle 2-5/8"
20419H   Kohler 20419H Hot Handle 2-5/8"
20660   Kohler 20660 Stop Stem 1-15/16"
20784   Kohler 20784 Right Hand Hot Stem 1-7/16"
22862   Kohler 22862 Right Hand Hot Stem 6-1/2"
23070   Kohler 23070 Diverter Tub Stem 5-1/4"
30316   Kohler 30316 Diverter Handle Kit w/ Deep Square Broach
30413   Kohler 30413 S.L. Cartridge
30416   Kohler 30416 S.L. Acrylic Handle w/ Hot/Cold Index
34064-CP   Kohler 34064-CP Lavatory Blade Handle Either Hot or Cold
41063-H   Kohler 41063-H Hot 4" Wrist Blade Handle
41063C   Kohler 41063C Cold 4" Wrist Blade Handle
41067C   Kohler 41067C Cold 6" Wrist Blade Handle
41067H   Kohler 41067H Hot 6" Wrist Blade Handle
41125-C-CP   Kohler 41125-C-CP Cold 4" Wrist Blade Handle
41125-H-CP   Kohler 41125-H-CP 4" Hot Wrist Blade Handle
41125C   Kohler 41125C 4" Cold Blade Handle
41125H   Kohler 41125H Hot 4" Blade Handle
41127-C-CP   Kohler 41127-C-CP Cold 4" Wrist Blade Handle
41127-H-CP   Kohler 41127-H-CP Hot 4" Wrist Blade Handle
43191   Kohler 43191 Stop Stem
43267-CP   Kohler 43267-CP Pair of Lavatory Handles 2-13/16" Tall 1-3/16" Base
43268-CP   Kohler 43268-CP Hot/Cold Handle Set
52627-CP   Kohler 52627-CP Lavatory Handle (Handle Only)
57746   Kohler 57746 Tub and Shower Handle 2-1/2" Tall
58895   Kohler 58895 Pair of Lavatory Handles 1-7/8" Tall
58931   Kohler 58931 Pair of Lavatory Handles 1-5/16" Tall
71840   Kohler 71840 S.L. Coralis Tub Handle
71969   Kohler 71969 Valve Assembly and Repair Kit w/ O-Rings
803460   Kohler Cold Lavatory Stem 1-7/16"
807737   Kohler Cold Stem 2-1/2"
802415   Kohler Cold Tub Stem 4-1/4"
803033   Kohler Cold Tub Stem w/ Sleeve 4-3/16"
805084   Kohler Diverter Handle 1-5/8"
804515   Kohler Diverter Stem 5-7/16"
804903   Kohler Diverter Tub Stem w/ Plastic Sleeve 5-3/16"
100404   Kohler Flapper
B-262V   Kohler Flapper
84995   Kohler Flapper 84995
85655   Kohler Flapper 85655
85160   Kohler Flapper Kit
53356   Kohler Flapper Kit 53356
100090   Kohler Flapper w/ Chain
77005   Kohler GP77005-RP Hot Ceramic Valve Cartridge 2-1/8"
77006-RP   Kohler GP77006-RP Cold Ceramic Valve Cartridge 2-1/8"
77548   Kohler GP77548 Lavatory Cartridge 2-5/16"
77886   Kohler GP77886 Cap and Stem Assembly
500520   Kohler GP800820 Pressure Balance Body Service Kit (Replaces GP500520)
803465   Kohler Hot Lavatory Stem 1-7/16"
807738   Kohler Hot Stem 2-1/2"
803470   Kohler Hot Tub Stem 4-1/4"
803032   Kohler Hot Tub Stem w/ Sleeve 4-3/16"
K-9245-CP   Kohler K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead with Bluetooth Speaker
801100   Kohler Lavatory Handle w/ Hot and Cold Indexes 1-1/16" Tall
800260   Kohler Left Hand Hot Valve w/ Brass Insert 2-1/2"
800430   Kohler Left Hand Stem w/ PVC Insert 2-1/2"
807413   Kohler Pair of Hot/Cold Lavatory Handles 1-7/8"
008474   Kohler Pair of Hot/Cold Tub Handles 2-1/2"
805082   Kohler Pair of Tub Handles Hot and Cold
800440   Kohler Right Hand Cold Stem w/ PVC Insert 2-1/2"
800265   Kohler Right Hand Cold Valve w/ Brass Insert 2-1/2"
807278   Kohler Right Hand Coralais Hot Stem 2"
801078   Kohler Tub Handle w/ Hot, Cold and Diverter Indexes
100BP   Korky 100BP (Replaced 92BP) Adjustable Ultra Water Saver Flapper
93-8   Korky 93-8 Toilet Plunger
42019   La-Co 42019 Teflon Sealant 8oz
700120   LA-CO Flux 4oz 22104
100894   Lavatory Plunger
90-4A   Lavelle 90-4A Korky Plunger w/ Holder
805950   Lawler Handle Lever Type 3-7/8"
37C30A   Leonard 37C30A Dial Thermometer
MU1-8B   Leonard MU1-8B or MU-1-8B Bridge Assembly M-10-C, M-10-E
192800   Leonard 192800 Bonnet Complete (Chrome) (F, FS Checkstops, 2 Ea. Reqd)
3404   LEONARD 3404 JAMB NUT
370-LF   Leonard 370-LF Point of Use Mixing Valve
4723   Leonard 4723 Cap (Rough) (2 Ea. Required)
4724   Leonard 4724 Strainer Screen (2 Ea. Required)
4727   Leonard 4727 Upper Stem (Rough) (2 Ea. Required)
4728   Leonard 4728 Cap Washer (2 Ea. Required)
4733   Leonard 4733 Lower Stem & Packing (2 Ea. Required)
4855   Leonard 4855 Wall Flange for 4500 Aquatrol
5450   Leonard 5450 Dial Plate for Leonard 4855 - 4500 Aquatrol
57-H   Leonard 57-H Seat Packing & Screw - Volume Control/Shutoff
57-K   Leonard 57-K 4 Arm Handle
6700-F   Leonard 6700-F Pressure Balance Shower Valve with Integral Dial Thermometer
6806   Leonard 6806 Cover Gasket
KIT-1-125   Leonard Kit 1/125 Packings and Gaskets Kit
KIT-1-50   Leonard Kit 1/50 Packings and Gaskets Kit
KIT-1-M10   Leonard Kit 1/M10 Gasket and Washer Kit
Kit-1-M20   Leonard Kit 1/M20 or 1-M20 Packings and Gaskets Kit
Kit-2-50   Leonard Kit 2/50 or 2-50 Checkstop Kit
2-50Y   Leonard Kit 2/50Y Checkstop Kit
4-108   Leonard Kit 4/108 Check Kit
4-LVC   Leonard Kit 4/LVC or 4-LVC Check Stop Kit (2 ea. Required)
4-M10   Leonard Kit 4/M10 or 4-M10 Check Stop Kit
4-M20   Leonard Kit 4/M20 or 4-M20 Checkstop Kit
LVC-1-8B   Leonard LVC-1-8B or LVC-18B Bridge Assembly-LVC Showermaster
LVC-25C   Leonard LVC-25C Valve Cup with Packing Kit - LVC Showermaster
LVC-3B   Leonard LVC-3B Port Sleeve Packing - LVC Thermostatic Showermaster
LVC-5DT   Leonard LVC-5DT Pointer - LVC Showermaster
LVC-G1   Leonard LVC-G1 Port Sleeve Assy - LVC Showermaster
LVC-TCA-2   Leonard LVC-TCA-2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve
M20-3C   Leonard M20-3C Cover Gasket
MU-3C   Leonard MU-3C Cover Gasket
MU-4A   Leonard MU-4A CP Upper Stem Assembly (Chrome)
MU-5D   Leonard MU-5D Escutcheon Pointer Handle
MU-6A   Leonard MU-6A Stem and Packing
MU-G1   Leonard MU-G1 Port Sleeve Assembly
MU-G2   Leonard MU-G2 Thermostatic Group
MU1-12B   Leonard MU1-12B Thermostatic Control Assembly
PAM-28   Leonard PAM-28 Shower Handle Escutcheon Pointer
PV-CR-2   Leonard PV-CR-2 NEW STYLE Control Rod Group Assembly POST-1993
leoqs   Leonard Quick Ship
R-200N   Leonard R/200/N Thermostatic Valve Rebuild Kit
R28   Leonard R/28 Rebuild Kit for TM 26/28 Series Valve
R50   Leonard R/50 Mixing Valve Repair Kit
R-55   Leonard R/55 or R-55 Repair Kit
R-67   Leonard R/67 or R-67 Spindle Assembly
R-7970   Leonard R/7970 Control Cartridge for Valve
R-M20   Leonard R/M20 Mixing Valve Repair Kit for 15/20 Valve
TA-21   Leonard TA-21 Gasket

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